Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Zac has been asking and asking to go fishing for a long time now, so we decided to take him the day before his birthday.  Rob took a half day off so we could go after Sadie got home from school.  Rob found a place near our house that was a "stocked pond" type thing although, I don't think it was very well stocked.  ha ha.  Oh well.  We didn't catch anything this time.  It was really windy and kinda cold outside, so next time we will go on a day that is better conditions for fishing.  :)  We had a blast anyway.

 Sadie had the camera before we headed out fishing...

 When we got there, thought there would be a little store or something where we could buy some hooks, but there wasn't.  Fortunately, there was a park, so Rob dropped me and the kids off while he went to get some.

 Emery discovered how to swing on her belly.  

 Like I said, it was rather windy out there..and every time Emery bent over her dress would fly up like this. It was pretty entertaining!

 She got pretty upset that it wouldn't stay down though.

 Sweet Sadie.

 Zac being silly on the swings.  He had me take about 7 pictures of him making different faces.  ha ha

 Daddy showed up with the hooks so we set up our fishing gear.

 Rob said he hates putting the worms on the hook.  So do I.  So I let him do it.

 Sadie trying to catch something.  She was the only one that actually "caught" something.  It was algae.  ha ha

 This is how I enjoyed the outing.  Thank goodness there were blankets in the car!  I was so cold!

 So was Sadie apparently!

 Emery taking a turn.  She lasted about 2 minutes.  ha ha

 These two were so cute.  Sadie did a great job taking care of Emery.  :)

 And Zac had a blast just fishing away.  What a cute little guy.  We sure love him.

Then Sadie an Emery and I went to the car while Zac and daddy fished a little while longer. Rob is thinking about taking just Zac this Saturday morning.  Hope they can catch something this time.  :)

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Laurel and Doug said...

So fun! Andrew's been asking to go fishing too. Is that why Rob got the fishing license? Do we need to get one of those first?