Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Zac's Birthday

 Zachary turned four years old on April 26th!  I can't believe he is 4 already!  He really is growing up.  We had a somewhat busy day on his birthday with family in town and a church meeting (for me) and a baby shower for Taylor that evening.  So we decided to invite family over for a BBQ lunch.  Of course, it was raining ALL DAY that day.  Ha ha.  Rob just pulled the grill on the deck and made the best of it.  The chicken was really yummy too.  :)  So Zac got to open his presents while we waited for the food to cook.  He got some good stuff!  He got the board game Operation, he got a nifty truck with a screwdriver type thing that you can put it together and take it apart with, he got some duplo trains and a backpack.  Perhaps his most favorite and played with gift so far is that Magformers we got for him.  I had seen that Ben and Lindsy's kids had gotten some for Christmas and they have loved them.  And they have not disappointed us (even though they are slightly expensive!).  We only got one set, but we are already wanting a few more because all of the kids love them. 

Anyway, onto some pictures!

 Here is his cake.  Rob frosted it and I put the sprinkles on, and Zac put the candles in.  :)

 And Emery took the opportunity while we were distracted with the candles to eat the sprinkles that had spilled on the table.  ha ha

 Presents!  He had some helpers.  He was very patient with them. There were people telling Emery and Sadie to let him do it himself, but he didn't mind the extra help one bit!

 Operation!  The kids love this game.  They have pretty much gotten over their fear of the buzzing sound by now.  ha ha

 Silly Zac.

 He almost blew out the candles before we sang to him!  

 But he waited patiently until we were done singing.  ha ha

And he blew them all out in one breath!  

Zac is such a cute little boy.  He has days where he whines a LOT, but that is how he has been since he was little.  He is growing out of it more and more the older he gets.  :)  He loves to play with his sisters and his friends.  He sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and calls me into his room.  When I get there he just says "Mommy....I just really love you".  ha ha.  He LOVES going fishing and camping with his dad.  Hopefully Rob can take him out a few times this summer.  His favorite thing to do is play games.  Specifically board games.  He calls the lawn mower the "mawn lower" every time.  We sure love him and we are glad he is part of our family!

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