Monday, May 26, 2014

Train ride to Salt Lake

 Right near our house we have train tracks for the trax trains that run through the cities.  Whenever we walk to the park we see at least one train pass by usually two.  But we had never brought the kids on the trains before.  So when my parents came to town we decided to go on a train adventure.  And the kids were in heaven!  Zac kept saying "I just love this so much" while we were on the train.  ha ha.  And they loved watching out the windows especially when we were passing another train.  We rode up to Temple square and walked around a bit.  It was such a fun day.

 Sadie and Zac ran ahead with grandpa to get the train tickets out of the machine.

 Waiting for the first train.  

 This train was the only one where we all got to sit together.  There were more people on the trains later in the day.  But do you see how Sadie and Zac are sitting...that is pretty much how they sat for the first 30 minutes or so.  Holding on.  ha ha

 Grandpa helping Emery walk on the edge of the raised garden bed.  

 We visited the Christ Statue....There were hardly any people that day at temple square.  There were a few weddings going on, but I was surprised.  It has never been that empty when I have gone there.  So we got a few minutes to take some pictures without feeling like we were holding up a line of other people waiting to take pictures.

 My cuties!

 Family picture, minus dad. 

 Grandma with the kids.  Looking right into the sun.  ha ha

 Another family shot.  The weather was beautiful - cloudy, not hot and no rain.  That afternoon I think it started to rain.  It may have been the next day.  I can't remember.  

 We tried to get some jumping shots.  Sadie was the only one that got the timing right.  Zac and Emery were just a half second behind. 

 Love her hair in this one!

 Ha ha.



Sadie was Elsa in this shot.  Lifting that water up.  :)

We had a great day and I think it will be something we will do more often now that we know the kids love it.  The whole time we were walking around temple square Emery and Zac kept asking when we got to get back on the train.  :) 

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