Thursday, July 3, 2014

Museum of curiosity

 They have a new children's museum at Thanksgiving Point.  We went with some friends to check it out and it is pretty awesome.  It was pretty crowded since it just barely opened in May, but we had tons of fun!

 The first section we went to was all about water and activities to do with it.  This was a favorite station...just watching ping pong balls go around and around in the water.  fun.

 This was supposed to be like being in a tornado.  The wind that blew on them was like 70 mph or something.  

 Emery found a wheelbarrow and pushed it around for a good 10 minutes.

 Then there was this stage with all kinds of dress up costumes behind a curtain.  Rob and the kids spent a good amount of time here.

 Not very god lighting, but here they are all dressed up.

 Rob showing off how high he can jump.  

 There was this tunnel area where it was pitch black and the kids had to find their way through to the other side.  Emery got freaked out by the first turn, so Rob had to scoot along on his rear and carry her at the same time while not being able to see.  I think he was holding up the line a bit, but they made it out alive.  I loved that they had little night vision cameras on the outside so I could see where they were.  This is a picture of him with Emery in his lap.  

 I think this one was called the python or something.  You had to step on the lights before they disappeared.  The kids loved this one!

 There was also a HUGE jungle gym type apparatus that the kids loved playing on.  I made Rob go up there with them because it was just so big that I thought they might get stuck or scared.  Here they are on a high bridge.

 Teeter totters.  Apparently these things were weighted so one side was much heavier to begin with.  Pretty funny.

 Cute Sadie.  She loved this new playground outside!

 The zipline was a favorite too.  But there was a LONG line for it.  Emery waited ever so patiently in line with Rob so she could have a turn.  Then Zac decided he wanted a turn even though he had already waited in line before and then chickened out when it was his turn.  So Rob waited in the even longer line with him again.

 He loved it.

 Well worth the wait.

 And Sadie was brave and did it a few time all by herself.  She loved it!

It will probably be a while before we go back because it is rather expensive, but it was a fun day. 

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