Saturday, September 13, 2014

Riley's Blessing

 On August 31, Riley and baby William (Luke and Taylor's baby) were blessed.  It was so great to share that day with so much family!  First we drove down to Provo and saw William's blessing and then we all drove back up to West Jordan so we could bless Riley in our ward.  Ha ha.  It worked out pretty good.  It is so fun to have two precious little babies so close in age.  Can't wait until they grow up and can be buddies.  :)

 Here we are in our backyard before we left for William's blessing.  

 My parent's holding their 6th grandchild.  I didn't get too many pictures of Riley in her blessing dress.  I feel bad about that, but she wasn't wearing it for very long.  It almost didn't fit her...we had to leave the top button unbuttoned because her neck is too big.  ha ha.

 The whole group. A surprisingly great picture for using the timer and having so many people in it!

 Brothers and babies.  I love this picture.

 I have four kids!  It still blows my mind.  I love them all.

My friend from my ward made this beautiful blessing bracelet for Riley.  I love it!  It looked so cute on her chubby little wrists!  

The blessing went great and I could hear everything that Rob said.  A lot of times when a baby is blessed in our ward, the microphone isn't very loud.  I told Rob to make sure he spoke loudly.  :)  We loved having so much family around too.  Come back soon everyone!

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lindsy said...

So cute! That picture of Rob and Luke holding their babies is adorable