Monday, August 31, 2015

Springville Reservoir

 Ever since we moved away from Springville, they have added some really cool things.  They built a really fun splash pad and park that we would have walked to at least three times a week if we were still there. Also, they just opened a reservoir in the canyon about 5 minutes away from where we lived.  We were finally able to check it out while my mom and brother were in town.  We went straight there after we visited BYU.  It was almost lunch time so we decided we would eat when we got there because it should only take about 20 minutes to get there.  Well, the GPS took us to a totally wrong place so the trip ended up taking twice as long so we were all really ready for lunch when we got there.  So we ate and then changed into our swimming suits and got swimming! 

 Riley started swimming before we even changed her!  Ha ha.  It was a hot day.  By the time I took this picture, Sadie was pretty much done in the water. 

I packed two things of sunscreen because I knew out spray was almost gone.  But when we got there the bottle of sunscreen had exploded all over my bag and there was NONE left.  Yikes.  Luckily, I randomly ran into my friend Stacie from college there and asked to borrow hers.  Thank you Stacie!!! 

 We tried to keep Riley trapped in this tube so she could play without us having to hold her hand the whole time in the water, but she kept crawling out.  The water was freezing, but I finally got brave and got wet.  I didn't get completely was so cold. My mom and Scott and the kids did though.

 My mom was on Riley duty a lot of the time we were there.  That is a big job.  Ha ha. Thanks mom!

 Scott went out into the water for a little while too.

The sand was great too.  Really soft and fun to dig and make sandcastles.  

It was a fun day.  I need to go back again with Rob because we loved it.  But it's just so hard to find the time to get out there!  

And this is a random picture, but I love it.  Riley sure loved having grandma here for a couple weeks!

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