Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Paris- day 3 (get ready for tons of pictures of the Eiffel tower!)

We decided to go to the Eiffel tower this day even though we had tickets for it on Thursday night (at ten!!).  I was a little bit worried that we wouldn't want to go that late so we decided to try waiting in line to walk up the stairs to the second level.  Both Laurel and I are scared of I wasn't quite sure how this would go.  I didn't think I would have a big problem climbing the stairs.  I thought the bad part would be when we got to the different levels and looked out over the city.  While that was scary, walking up the stairs was terrifying!  I just had to keep my head down and keep walking. I didn't really feel my legs being tired because I was so scared.  We walked up about 700 stairs!  Without taking much of a break.  If I stopped it was too scary.  Yes.  I am a wimp.

Anyway, we decided to walk to the Eiffel tower from our hotel because it was only about 25 minutes away.  We stopped and got yummy crepes on the way for breakfast. 

Yum.  I think I got strawberry and chocolate fudge.  

Then we continued on to the tower.  It is so tall.  It was amazing.  This was my favorite part of the trip. 

We saw a SUPER long line of people that were waiting for the lift, and then we saw a really short line and upon further investigation, we realized that was the line we wanted.  The stairs line.  There were like 10 people in front of us.  It was awesome.  So when it opened at 10 (I think...maybe it was 9) we got right in and started up the stairs.  

This is us before we even hit the first level of the tower.  We were both terrified.  Like I said, I had to just keep walking fast or I would chicken out. Once we made it to the second level (in record time) We walked around for a bit and then I suggested that we find the lift to the very top before the line gets too long.  She told me she would just wait for me at the second level and she wouldn't regret not going to the top.  I had already written in a post card to my kids that I went to the very top, so I had to go.  Ha ha.  So I pulled the "I'm not going if you aren't going" and she gave in and we went to the very top! 

While we were up there we snapped a few pictures.  We didn't get too close to the edge.  I was amazed how at ease people were up there.  They were leaning against the cage and looking straight down. Whenever we took a picture we would plant our feet and just lean a little bit toward the cage.  ha ha  I'm sure we looked really cool.  :)

I'm glad we went all the way to the top.  It was cool.

Then we took the lift all the way down.  We found the post office (which was just an automated machine-we were kinda disappointed about that) and sent some postcards to our family.  Then we had to take a bunch more pictures of course.

Jumping pictures are a must.  It was so fun to watch everyone taking their selfies and jumping pictures.  And of course I had to get one touching the top of the tower.  Mom- this was for you!

These two pictures are from the Army museum we went to.  The one on the right is Napoleon's tomb.  Kinda interesting how much stuff was on display.  Lots of weapons and armor and I think Napoleon's actual horse was on display.  (stuffed of course)

We found lunch on Rue Cler (a street we read about it the Rick Steve's guide to Paris) and we had one of my favorite meals of the trip.  It was a chicken ceasar salad.  Ha ha.  After that we went to the Notre Dame.

We went inside and ran into Laurel's aunt and uncle who were also in Paris.  We were actually going to meet up with them that evening for dinner so it was crazy that we randomly saw them here!  Kinda fun.  After the Notre Dame, we went to an ice cream place called the Berthillion. 

I got classic vanilla and chocolate and Laurel got salted caramel and chocolate.  The salted caramel and vanilla were my favorite!  The chocolate there was too dark for my taste!

Then we happened upon a love lock bridge.  We had heard that they took this down and we were pretty sad we wouldn't be able to see it.  But we saw this one.  I don't know if this is the original one, or if it is another one, but either way, it was cool to see.  And there were people there that sold locks and markers so you could buy one if you wanted to.  They sure know their market!  

After the love lock bridge we headed over to Sainte Chapelle.  There are tons of stained glass windows that each are relating to a story in the bible.  I searched and searched but I couldn't find any that I recognized.  But it sure was beautiful.  The pictures don't do it justice!

Later that night we met Laurel's aunt and uncle and had a great conversation and an ok meal.  ha ha.  I ordered some kind of dish with steak and a salad.  I think Laurel got a pasta dish.  When I got my steak it was completely raw.  yuck.  I asked the waiter to have them cook it a little longer.  Then about 15 minutes later I got a steak that was pretty much the same but by that time everyone else was pretty much done.  I ate all the cooked parts along the outside and forced myself to take a few more bites.  fortunately it came with I had enough to eat.  :)


Carrie Selin said...

Wow! Only day 3 and you've done so much! Nailed the finger on the tower picture.

Rob said...

I like the heart one next to the locks. I also like the icecream one.

Laurel said...

This post made me laugh out loud! ;) So fun!