Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Paris - Day 6

On this day we mostly just walked around and stopped in some shops and stores we had wanted to visit while we were in Paris.  In the evening we had tickets to ride the lift up to the second level of the Eiffel tower.  It was at 10, so I wasn't sure if I was going to be super tired or not.  We got to sleep in on this day (which was fabulous!) so it turned out to be fine.

We started out the day by going to breakfast at Angelina's.   Both Laurel and I got eggs benedict. 
 It was pretty yummy, except that the bacon was completely floppy and uncooked.  I think it might have been Canadian bacon but either way it was gross to me.  So I just took it off.  Rob's dad makes eggs benedict that I like much better than the stuff I had in Paris.  :)

 The whole time we were in Paris, we would see these military guys with some pretty big guns walking around on the streets.  We wanted a picture of them, but felt a little awkward so Laurel used her phone to take a picture while I pretended to point around and nod my head to act like we were trying to figure out where we were going.  Laurel joined in and then we headed on our way and had a good laugh.  And we got a good picture too!

 Then as we were walking down the sidewalk we saw these guys spray painting a random wall.  I don't know if it is illegal there because it was broad daylight and they didn't seem concerned.  It was weird.

We stopped in a soap shop.  I bought a few bars of soap and I totally regret not buying more.  I loved this store!  And just look how pretty it all is!  I love things that are organized by color!

We stopped by this park around lunchtime to try, once again, a macaroon.  And this was a macaroon from the place that was voted best macaroon in Paris.    I thought it was cool how in the middle of the day there were so many people sitting in the park eating their lunch.  

We decided to try a plain vanilla macaroon in hopes that it would be delicious, but I still didn't like it.  I don't think Laurel did either.  Sigh.  We tried...  The eclair was pretty yummy, and it looked pretty.

We also tried "escargot" in pastry form.  This was a pastry that they called escargot.  It had chocolate and pistachio cream in it.  It was my favorite pastry that we tried while in France I think.  

We spent a lot of the day just walking around enjoying the streets of Paris.  A few funny things happened.  There was a guy that was literally jumping in front of everybody as we were trying to cross the street and he would ask if we had a cigarette.  He jumped in front of Laurel and asked her so I thought I was safe because I veered left a little bit.  But after she said no, he ran over and asked me.  I told him no and then safely on the other side of the street, Laurel yelled back to him "you shouldn't smoke!  It's bad for you!"  ha ha  It made me laugh!

Then as we were walking along following our gps we looked up and realized that the street we were on was store after store of black hair wig stores with a few black barber shops.  It went on for a few blocks.  Then just like that it was back to regular shops and cafes.  It was really interesting.  

Then we headed back to the hotel and had dinner at the hotel bar.  We ordered French onion soup (which was delicious!) and I can't even remember what else I got.  I loved the soup though.  Actually I think Laurel ordered the soup and I "shared".  he he. 

I mean...doesn't that look delicious!  My mouth is watering just looking at the picture!  

Then that evening we took the metro to the Eiffel tower one last time.  I took a picture every few minutes of the tower when it started getting dark.

Laurel took this picture!  I think it is awesome.  I love the angle and the lighting.  

The Eiffel tower is a much different scene at night than it is during the day!  Apparently people go to get drunk at the tower.  We overheard some people say that on the metro on our way there.  It would never cross my mind to do that...ha ha.  We found a spot on the grass and waited for it to start sparkling.  While we were sitting there, about 6 or 7 guys selling alcohol asked us if we wanted to buy some.  No thanks!

We finally got brave enough to ask someone to take our picture.  All week I had been afraid that if we had someone take our picture, they would run off with my phone.  But I'm glad we got this one.  :)

 And a random selfie under the tower!  


lindsy said...

I love all the Eiffel Tower pictures as the sun was going down. So pretty!

Laurel said...

ha! ha! You were so delicate describing our walk through the ghetto of Paris. I was pretty sure we were going to die. My relief was immense when we made it back to normal streets!