Sunday, November 1, 2015

Emery + snails = a morning of fun

One day while working in the garden with Emery, we discovered a black container that had snails all over it.  Emery decided it would be fun to play with them so she brought the container over to the deck and started taking all of the snails off and putting them in a pile. 

There were like 20 snails on the thing!  It was crazy. Most of them were tiny, but some of them were bigger.  Those ones were the "mommy and daddy" snails.

 Just look at that smile.  She was in heaven.

 The snails kept trying to run away.  So she had to keep putting them in a pile.

This girl is so adorable.  She named all of the snails wither brother or sister or mom or dad.  I wish I had her imagination!

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lindsy said...

And then you cooked them up and ate them since you're a seasoned French traveler, right?!! :) :) :P