Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pulling out the garden

A few weeks ago, Rob and the kids went outside to pull out the garden.  We were going to be doing something fun that day (I can't remember what...) and they had to do some hard work first.  I was impressed at how quickly they got it out and that they all stuck with it.

Rob had to chop up the sunflower stalks so they would fit in our green bin.

Then the kids carried them over and threw them in.

Riley was very fussy...But I got her a cookie and it kept her happy until we were done.  :)

Emery worked hard.  

Then Emery found a worm and gave it to Sadie.  Sadie has gotten much more brave than in years past.  She used to not like to pick up worms.  Now she does it with a smile! 

 Riley was adorable and sat on the step and watched us for a lot of the time.  

Can't wait until next year when we get to plant a new garden!

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Shanna Selin said...

You guys must know some parenting tricks we don't. We can't get our kids to help with anything! Haha! Zac looks just like Calvin in one of those pictures! And I love Sadie's jacket!