Sunday, November 1, 2015

Witches at Gardner Village

 Yes, we went to see the witches at Gardner Village again this year.  Except my friend told me they started charging for parking!  So we decided to go around 9 in the morning hoping they wouldn't be charging yet.  And we scored!  We saw that by 9:30 they were charging cars.  Phew!  

It was pretty much the same as all the other years...

 These were the first witches we saw.  They were spinning around in circles.

 And the kids loved this one hanging upside down!

 We met up with some friends there.  It is always more fun with friends!

 They had this little "photo op" set up and we realized after that it was supposed to be only for the professional photography shop that was nearby.  oops!

 Sadie liked this one.

 Then we bumped into some other friends who were there for a witches breakfast.  It started to get crowded after that so we headed home pretty quick.

 Zac requested this picture with the flying witch.

 Sadie's friend London and her mom were dressed like witches.  London's mom gave up her jacket and hat so they could get a cute picture together.

 Then we had a near collision with a flying witch riding her bike!

 Then the kids took a break on the wooden swing.  

Finally, before we left, we saw these witches playing baseball.  It's such a fun outing with the kids...we are looking forward to when they put out the Christmas elves! 

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