Monday, December 7, 2015


I know it's December already, but I still need to post about our Halloween!  he he. I'm a little behind. This year I bought all of our costumes.  I waited for a sale and then pulled the trigger.  No stress!  It was great!

 Here are the kids on the day that I bought them (probably at the beginning of October).  THen I hid them until Halloween because I know Emery would have worn hers everyday until then.  ha ha. 

 Here are the kids before our ward party.  

 Then I asked Sadie to take a picture of me and Rob holding our cupcake.  Nailed it. Poor Rob gets his head cut off a lot in pictures.

 At our ward party they had a photo booth set up.  This was the picture we got.  I love it!

Then on Halloween, Luke and Taylor came over to take William trick or treating with our kids.  

 Look at these cute kiddos!  I mean...Williams tail.  I couldn't stop laughing about it. 

 Thanks to Taylor for taking some pictures while they were out trick or treating.  She said Riley held her bucket the whole time.  When I put the first piece of candy in William's bucket, he grabbed the candy and threw his bucket down and took off.  It was hilarious!  I wish I had been recording him at that moment.  

 Cute trick or treat-ers.

 When the babies were done, Taylor brought them home and we let them eat some candy.  

 They were so cute!

Sharing nerds on the floor.  :) 

When the older kids got home, They were all looking through their buckets.  William was wandering around and stopped near Zac's bucket.  Her hung around for a second, waited until Zac was distracted and then grabbed a handful of his candy and ran off.  It was hilarious!  Another moment I wish I had on camera!  Sneaky William!

We had a great Halloween!

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Taylor Kevan said...

Hahaha I had forgotten about William's sneak attack on Zac's candy. That was so funny!