Saturday, December 26, 2015


 We finally started getting snow!  I was so excited to get snow this year since we hardly got any snow last year!  The kids were really excited too.  Zac loves to play in the snow and will stay out there as long as I let him. 
 Riley likes the snow until she gets cold.  Like most babies I bet.  :)  She sat in this spot for about 30 minutes just eating the snow while I shoveled the driveway.  

 I thought this was a lot of snow, but we woke up on Christmas morning to a lot more than this!  I'll post about that later.  

 I love the rosy cheeks and red nose.

 I don't know what Emery was doing here, but she sure was having fun.  

 Zac and his friends built this snow mountain thing.  They stuck a bunch of icicles in it too.

 Emery and Zac adding to their snow mountain.  

Love these cuties!  I just need to get me some snow pants now so I can stay out in the snow as long as they can!  :)

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lindsy said...

My kids will die when I show them this. We haven't had real snow since we lived in Wisconsin and Matt was 3! Enjoy! Looks like a lot of fun!