Thursday, December 17, 2015


This year my parents ended up driving up to Utah for Thanksgiving.  My dad's parents moved to Utah a few months ago and my parents helped them with a few projects while they were here.  But first, Zac and Grandpa had to arm wrestle. 

Looks like a pretty even match!

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, we had a stake service project in the morning.  We all met up at the church and raked leaves.  It was pretty cold, but the kids helped for almost a whole hour.  It helped that their friends were there too.  :) 

The day before Thanksgiving, I took the kids up to my grandparents house where my parents were staying.  I had never been there so I was pretty proud of myself for finding the way pretty easily.  Thanks to google maps on my phone!  We went over to a nearby little pond and fed some ducks our stale bread.  These ducks were CRAZY! 

They just started coming right for us and didn't have any fear.  They must know when kids come by, they usually have bread. 

Riley loved looking at the ducks.  She fed them bread until she realized she could eat it herself.  

Grandma helped Emery.

Of course, we had to stop here because there was a large rock.  Photo op.  

The kids found these huge weeds that had soft feathery things on the ends.  We all ended up with pieces of it all over our clothes, but the kids had fun with them.
Riley liked sweeping the ground with it.

And then she got angry about something...I can't remember what.  But I kept walking and she layed on the ground for a while.  I can't remember what persuaded her to get up and catch up with the rest of us.

It snowed the night before Thanksgiving so when we showed up the snow was perfect for making a snowman.  

Grandpa helped without gloves or a coat!

The kids and I with their snowman.  I threw some snowballs at the kids and Zac got me really good with a snowball so I decided to call it a day and go inside.

Around 1 or so, Riley was showing signs that she was ready for a nap but we forgot to bring her pacifier.  Dinner was almost ready, but my grandpa offered to drive me to Walmart so I could buy another package.  I got in and out of there really quick and we got back just in time to eat the Thanksgiving feast.  Of course, Rob had gotten Riley to sleep while we were gone so the trip was useless. 

But Riley slept here on the floor for the whole meal!  It was kind of nice to eat in peace.  

Here is a four generation photo.  It was fun seeing my grandparent's new place and getting to visit with them.

Hopefully we will make it out there often.  :)  Thanks for everything grandma and grandpa!

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Laurel and Doug said...

ha! ha! Charlotte napped through Thanksgiving dinner at our house too, and it was so nice! ;)