Saturday, May 7, 2016

Four Kids

 Having four kids definitely keeps us busy.  Especially when they are all trying to climb on Rob at the same time! 

 They are all adorable though.  Not all days are sunshine and rainbows, but most of them are filled with laughter and smiles with these four around. 

 We got these mats from Ikea for Kung Fu and for Sadie to practice gymnastics.  The kids all love them.

And they all fit under this fun pvc pipe tent to read books.  (Riley is there, but you can't see her under there!)  I want to make a tent like this.  The kids happily sat under that thing with flashlights and read book for a good 15 minutes until we had to go home.  (This was the end of a school activity.) 

I sure love my kids!

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