Monday, May 16, 2016

Tulip Festival

 A little over a week ago, Zac was invited to a birthday party of a long time friend.  They live in Highland, which is about 30 minutes from our house, but that was no biggie.  I was happy to drive him over there.  Then a few days before the party, my friend Laurel told me they had some free tickets to the tulip festival that I could use that night during the party.  yay!  I had been wanting to go, but not willing to spend the 20 dollars per ticket to take my family.  So after Rob got off of work, we packed up the family and drove him down and headed over to the Tulip festival.  We had to stop at a McDonnalds because Emery HAD to use the bathroom.  Rob ran her inside and let her go into the bathroom (it was one of those single toilet bathrooms) and then they came back out to the car.  We had just started driving when Emery said "I really need to go to the bathroom!"  I asked her why since she had just used the bathroom.  She told me that she didn't go because it was an automatic toilet and she doesn't like those.  Haha!  So I took her right when we got to the tulip festival. 

It was a rainy day, which was good because that meant the crowds weren't so big.  And the rain pretty much let up right when we got there.  My friend let us borrow some umbrellas.  I'm thinking I may need to get Emery one for her birthday because she just looked so cute holding that thing the entire time!

 She was happy that she wore her rain boots so she could splash in the puddles.

 A bench is always a good reason to take a picture.

We were looking down at the water and Sadie spotted some owls on the rocks.  Can you see them?  There is a mom owl and three babies.  They are so cute!

 We made it to the bottom of the waterfalls.  So pretty.

 Picture with the pretty purple tree.

 Family selfie.

 They had fun umbrellas hanging from the trees.  

 Look at these two cute girls!

 Sadie- age 8
 Emery-age 4

 The flowers were pretty, although they looked a little beat up because they had just endured a crazy hailstorm.  

We wanted to see the fish before we left but while we were trying to walk there, Riley kept on kneeling down and putting her head on the ground.  I thought she was just being difficult, but when we got to the fish, she totally threw up.  She had thrown up a couple days before but seemed fine that day.  Anyway, I didn't even have my diaper bag with me but we happened to run into some friends who were also at the fish area.  They used to be in our ward and the husband used to work for the church with Rob.  They let us use a ton of wipes and a bag for the garbage and hand sanitizer. It was a tender mercy that we ran into them...and bonus, it was good to see them!  Ha ha.  

Thanks again Laurel for the free tickets!

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