Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy birthday to Zac!

 On Arpil 26th Zac turned 6!!  It was such a great day.  He woke up to six balloons and some presents.  He invited some friends over for a play date after school.  IT was supposed to be an outside water play date, but it was raining!  So we just played inside.  Zac was so happy to get attention and to get some new games.  He LOVES games.  

 Here he is with his first present.

 He got lots of mail on his birthday.  He loved it.  THanks to Aunt Shanna and Calvin and Grandma Selin.

 Zac with his buddies.

 Cake and ice cream...of course.  It was amazing how much cake was on the floor when they were all done.  ha ha.

 Riley loved the cake.  Just look at that face.

 One of Zac's friends gave him checkers for his birthday.  He has been playing that game non-stop since he got it.  Seriously.  He loves it.  And he is good.  He beats me.

 Making a wish...
 And blowing out the candles.  We didn't see his teeth on his first bite of cake either, so it is likely going to come true. 

And because just having a birthday isn't enough, the next day he got to go to the zoo with his class at school.  He loved it!  We sure love our Zac. 

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