Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Trip to Disneyland- Day 1

 Rob and I have been talking about going to Disneyland for a few years.  Finally we found a date that would work for everyone who was coming (my parents and my brother Scott) and booked a hotel.  We got a hotel room that had "two rooms" and three beds thinking there would be enough room to rent a roll away bed for Scott, but there wasn't really much room for that.  So Scott bought an air mattress, a pump and some sheets for pretty cheap and slept with his head under a table in my parent's room for three nights.  Ha ha!  Thanks for taking one for the team Scott!  In our room, Zac slept on the floor on a camping mat that my mom brought and the girls slept on one of the queen beds in our room and Riley was stashed in the corner in her pack and play.  It worked out great and the kids were so tired after every day at the park that sleeping was NOT and issue.  Everyone slept great. 

 This was actually the day before we left for California.  Both of these girls were sick.  Riley was very sick.  She had been throwing up at least once a day for the previous four days and she had zero energy.  We called our home teacher and he helped Rob give her a priesthood blessing.  The next day she did great in the car (I'm thinking it had something to do with the fact that she still had low energy, but nobody threw up in the car so that is a plus!) I was sure that Sadie and Zac would get sick and not be able to enjoy Disneyland, but they never did!  It's a miracle!  My mom and dad didn't escape so easy though...

 This was the view of Y mountain as we drove by early in the morning.

 My kids are really great travelers!  Sadie and Zac play together in the back and Emery and Riley hang out in the middle.  :) 

 Of course, right when we got to the hotel, we had to go swimming! 

 The pool was nice and refreshing.  

 And Riley loves grandma.  Whenever she left the room she would ask "where grandma go?"

We decided to walk down to see the entrance to Disneyland that night too.  We stopped at IHOP and ate dinner there (kids eat free!!).  The kids (and I) were so excited to go back to the park the next day and ride all of the rides!!!

This is a video of Emery trying to sleep in the car.  Ever since she moved over to a booster seat it is harder for her to sleep in the car.  Poor girl.  I couldn't stop laughing!

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lindsy said...

Poor Emery!!
I can't wait to see more pictures!