Monday, October 17, 2016

Around the house

Some of these pictures are really old and I might have already blogged about them, but I'm trying to catch up so oh well.

Sometimes when I want to stay in bed a little bit longer and the older kids are already awake, I walk into Riley's room to find them like this.  I love it.  Sometimes Riley is really grumpy when she wakes up and only wants mommy, but sometimes there is a party in her crib.  

Here is Sadie helping Zac with his piano practicing.  She has already learned all of the songs that he is now learning, so it's kind of fun.  And he likes having her help him much more than he likes me helping him.  

I may have already posted this picture, but this was after Rob got home from his long backpacking trip.  The kids were so happy to see him.  

I taught my kids how to make funny faces in the window.  My windows are never clean anyway...

Emery's faces were definitely the best.  I couldn't stop laughing.

These two girls keep me good company while the bigger kids are at school.

So Riley likes to put her blanket on the vent when the air is on.  It floats up kind of like a pillow and then she lays down on it.  

Sadie got head gear and an expander in her mouth to get ready for braces. Fun.

Riley loves this baby swing.  She will lay in it with the music playing for 30 minutes.  

Before church lunch.  We are loving our new counter stools!

This must be some kind of cupcake or cookie with frosting.  I can't remember.

At a friend's house and it was just these cute girls!  It was so fun!

I got an optical illusions book from the library and these two loved it.  THey kept reading it for days and days. 

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