Monday, October 31, 2016

Playdate with friends

 We visited our friends the Hatch's again.  It worked out that our kids had the same Fall break this year, so all of our kids got to play together.  Yay!  We hung out at their house and met their new baby sister.  She is adorable.  I got to hold her for a good long time, which I loved.  :) 

 Charlotte and Riley.  Two 2 year olds playing with baby toys.  Love it.

 Sharing a rocking chair.  They were so cute that day.

 All the kids outside playing "crack the egg".  

On the way home Riley fell asleep and She stayed asleep when I brought her inside.  She never does that.  Sadie kept sneaking in my room and saying "she is so cute!"  Then she offered to take a picture of us.  I love it. I let her sleep on me until she woke up (which was about 15 minutes).  I loved every minute of it.  My kids don't fall asleep on me anymore!

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