Saturday, October 8, 2016

Gardens with friends

 We went to the Thanksgiving point gardens with some friends (it's been like over a month ago...I'm a little behind!).  Anyway, it was a lot of fun.  The gardens always make me happy and make me want to plant a bunch of flowers at my house.  Someday I will. :) 

 In this picture, Emery was being so helpful.  Charlotte (the girl whose hand she is holding) had layed down on the ground and wasn't going to budge.  We started walking away to see if she would follow, but she didn't.  Ha ha.  Typical 2 year old.  Riley pulls the same stunts!  Anyway, I told Emery to go hold her hand and see if she that would work.  And it did!  They held hands and walked for a few minutes.  So adorable!  And Emery felt so important.  I love it.

 There was a short moment that these two were holding hands.  I didn't snap a picture quick enough, but Jake's mom and I both saw it and silently squealed. So cute.
 All of our kids.  Since this picture was taken, my friend had her baby, so add one more into the mix!

 Pretty flowers.  

 Family picture.

 Emery requested this picture.  :)

Feeding the crazy fish!

Thanks for the good time Laurel and fam!

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