Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Grandparents and peaches

My parents were in town a few weeks ago and I found these pictures and wanted to post them. 

Here we are at a stake activity the church put on.  It was pretty fun.  Free snow cones and hot dogs.

While they were here, all of our peaches were ready to be picked.  Talk about good timing!

 Our tree produced so well this year!  We got so many big juicy peaches.  I wish our tree could produce like 10 peaches a week so we could have them all year long, but I'll take this too!  One day it was really windy and the peaches started blowing off the tree, so my mom helped us pick the rest of them.

 It was fun!

 Riley sorted the chalk while we worked.  

 I ended up freezing a lot of them and making some peach pies and just eating them until they were gone.  YUM.
We also went to great grandma and grandpa's house.  That is always fun. Here is Riley wearing my dad's safety glasses.

Quick picture with the kids before they went to school. Grandpa was making a trip to the dump for us so he isn't in this picture.  Thanks grandpa!

Right before they took off.  That's always a sad time.  We miss them!


lindsy said...

You guys had a TON of peaches! Fresh peach pie ... sounds so good :)

Laurel and Doug said...

Impressive haul! How long have you had your tree?