Monday, October 31, 2016

Zac and the tomatoes

One day last week we invited some of Zac's friends over to play.  There were probably about 6 boys (including Zac) playing out in our backyard.  That morning we had pulled out our tomato plants and put all of them along with the tomatoes in a big pile.  I should have suspected something like this would happen:

After all the boys went home Zac come up to me and said "Mom, we accidentally threw a bunch of tomatoes down into the pit."  I had to keep myself from laughing.  "Accidentally" throwing a BUNCH of tomatoes.  ha hah ha  It wasn't that bad when I went outside to see the damage.  But we had him clean up the mess and talk to him about making good choice.  Then Rob asked him if it was fun to see them explode.  HAH!

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