Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Our October around the house

 We have had a lot of fun adventures this past October.  I have been watching quite a few kids, so we stuck around the house a lot, but still had lots of fun.  My kids sure know how to use their imagination to make anything fun.  (except chores...still working on that one.  ha ha)  I love when I'm cleaning up at night and finding some of the things they used during the day.  It kind of tells a story. While I don't love the clean up, I do know I will miss seeing things like that when they grow up. 

 One of their favorite things to do is take the cushions off of the couch and making a tippy tower.  Then they try to balance on it without falling off.  

 I'm surprised nobody has gotten seriously hurt playing this game yet.  :)

 Sadie loves it when Riley will snuggle with her.  It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does she eats it up!

 Before church picture.  If you look at the outlet cover to the left, you can see a chip in it.  That was from them messing around while I was trying to take the first picture.  Then I lost my patience and they all stood really still for this one.  Oops.  Even moms mess up sometimes.

 The girls couldn't resist this huge puddle at the store.  And since it has been a warm October, they were all wearing flip flops or crocs, so I let them walk in it a while.

 Riley fell asleep at the computer listening to music.  This almost never happens.

 Picture day.  Sadie - 3rd  Zac - 1st.  Wow.  My kids are cute!

 Riley.  She keeps us laughing.  I sure love her little personality. 

 Zac with his buddies Bryant and Grayson.  They all looked so handsome in these glasses so I snapped a picture.

 Riley's first pig tails.

 Before church picture with the bats.

I watched an 8 week old baby and Riley was kind of jealous at first, but then she warmed up to him and was his mom the rest of the day.

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