Tuesday, November 1, 2016

William and Riley - warning...picture overload

 The last time I took all of my pictures off of my phone, I realized something.  I don't take as many pictures as I used to...and most of the pictures that I had taken are on Tuesdays and Thursdays- when William is here.  William and Riley are just so fun to follow around with my camera.  I've gotten a few fun videos too.  They are best friends these days.  They are getting really good at sharing.  I love hearing the conversations they have with each other.  They really do keep me laughing all day, but they also keep me on my toes.  Last week I walked down into my sewing room (they had been left alone in there all of 2 minutes) and I saw an opened brown marker and an opened sharpie on the floor.  I told them to show me where they colored and they took me right to it.  All over my sewing table.  ha ha.  I had them help me wipe it off (as well as we could) and then had a good laugh about it. 

 Thursday is our garbage day.  So we try to watch out the window when he comes.

 These kids are experts at finding comfortable places to lay down.  

 We went on a walk and William pointed out all the airplanes...

 While Riley found places to lay down. 

 Like I said...they are experts.

 They also love to wear these glasses.  William always makes sure that Riley has a pair if he has one on.

 And this is what happens when they sneak into the garden. Let's get a closer look at the shall we?

 Yeah.  Riley's eyebrows were a darker shade the whole rest of the day.

 One day I got to watch 3 two year olds for a whole day.  I was a little worried about nap time, but they all slept for about 2 hours at the same time!  Woo hoo!

 I think he liked the orange glasses the best.

 Enjoying some smiles and smarties on the carpet.


 Checking out the bats after we hung them up.

 They also love to play in the bath tub.  They take the soap (dry) and wash each others bellies.  Its adorable.

 William loves that green care bear. Also he loves to try on any accessories he finds laying around. And there are usually a lot since we have 3 girls!  Here he found Emery's church shoes.
 And here he found a pink hat.

Here they are sharing a little bit of my morning smoothie.  How cute.

I'm sure going to miss having William around if Luke and Taylor end up moving after he graduates.  It sure has been fun having him come over so much!


lindsy said...

Those two are so lucky!! I grew up with cousins around all the time and it was so fun. Love all the pictures!

Taylor Kevan said...

These pictures are too cute! Thanks for watching William! If we end up moving we'll sure miss you guys too!