Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trip to the Hogle Zoo

 Rob's brother called us up a few weeks ago and said they were going to the zoo and asked if we wanted to go with them.  We thought we had something in the morning, so we decided to try an afternoon trip.  Turns out we could have gone in the morning, but it was still a great time at the zoo.

We started off by looking at the giraffes.  We got there at a good time because the worker was feeding him.  It was fun to watch.

 Giraffes are really cool. They have a statue that we had to walk past and this was the best picture I got.  It makes me laugh.

 Riley couldn't resist all of the statues of animals.  I had to lag behind the group because she would be talking to them and petting them.

 These two.  They were so cute.  I loved it.  

 This monkey looked so sad.  I hope he just has a sad face and it really happy.

We came upon a little water section which I was sure would be close since it was October.  But of course, it was opened. And the kids were instantly soaked.  But they had a blast.

 William and Riley stuck together and ran around giggling.

 Rob was a good sport and waded in when necessary.

 Our little birdies in their nest.

 Snapped a quick family shot.  The kids did great.  Riley got a little bit out of control near the end because she hadn't taken a nap.  But overall it was a great time.

All the kids on a lion. (I think that is what it is).  

At the end we stood in line for about 10 minutes to get a tiny cup of free cereal.  We had to go up and spin the wheel to see what kind of cereal we got.  I think Rob thought it was silly that we stood in line for that, but the kids were so happy that they got that little bit of free cereal.  I'm glad we did it.  

Thanks for inviting us to the zoo with you Luke and Taylor!

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