Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Gardner Village 2016

 It's Halloween time again!  That means it's time to check out the witches at Gardner Village again.  I love to go right at the beginning of October to beat the crowds and to avoid the parking fees.  :)  We went twice this year, once with a neighbor friend while Sadie and Zac were at school and once with Uncle Scott. I always feel guilty doing "fun" things with the kids while the older ones are at school.  So I try to do the extra fun things twice so they can be included. The witches are still so fun to see.  Riley wasn't so sure about them at first.  Now when I ask her to make a scary face, she says "Scary witches!"  ha ha.

 This was the first witch we came across.

 I think this was a new witch.  I don't remember it from years past.

 These two were funny.  They didn't want the witch's arm around them.  ha ha  And I tried to put Riley in that empty spot on the bench, but she was not having it.

She wanted to lay on the ground instead.

 Sadie is always in charge of holding the paper for the scavenger hunt.  She does a great job marking them all off too.  :)

 Uncle Scott.  These kids love Uncle Scott.  He needs to come visit more often.

 Emery slid down that old wooden ramp.  It gives me the chills just thinking about it.  Fortunately she didn't get any splinters. 

 Sadie wanted me to take this picture.  She staged it herself.  ha ha

We thought it was cool to see this green grass growing in the bales of hay.

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