Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Primary Program

Here are my kids before this year's primary program.  I am in the presidency and we were barely called in August.  So it has been a whirlwind trying to write the program, put it together and being in charge of the Halloween party just a few days before the program.  It made for a busy week.  But we got to the church 30 minutes early (I was by myself because Rob was picking up the young men to prepare the sacrament) and I decided to snap this picture because I love my kids.  They are amazing.  Sadie is so helpful and realized that I needed a little bit of extra help that morning because I was a bit stressed out.  Thanks you Sadie.  She filled up Riley's water when we went inside because I had to run into the chapel to make sure all the chairs were set up the way we wanted them. 

I guess they were all set up already from the day before so I just went up and made sure things were in order.  Of course, my kids followed me up there.  I didn't really notice though because they were being very quiet.  So I was talking to the primary president when someone said that we needed to "get her off of there."  It was only then that I noticed Riley had made her way over to the piano and was very quietly playing on the keys.  Oh boy.  So I went over and took her back to our seat and she proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs for the next 10 minutes.  I preferred the quiet piano playing.  So I took her out into the hallway and finally Rob showed up and was able to help.  Things from then on went awesome.  The kids said and sang their testimonies so beautifully.  I was moved to tears during some of the songs.  I'm so glad I'm able to work with the kids in our primary.  They are amazing examples to me.  But I'm sure glad we only do that once a year!  :)

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Carrie Selin said...

You and your kids (and Rob) are awesome!