Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oregon- Part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures from our vacation. We went to Corvallis to visit Rob's brother and sister in law and their kids. We only stayed for 3 days, but it was a blast! The kids played together in the backyard the first night. They all seemed to love the water, so Sadie fit right in.

The next day, Ben and his family led us to the coast and treated us to lunch at a place called Mo's. Rob was brave enough to order actual sea food, but my bravery ended with tasting a scallop. I didn't like it. But my meal was delicious! I got chicken alfredo and a side of the clam chowder. Yummm. Our last morning there, we went and picked about 3 pounds of rasperries at a farm near Ben and Lindsy's house. Sadie didn't understand the concept at first so she just rolled around in the dirt and made a really messy diaper that Rob kindly changed. After all that, and we had decided to leave, Sadie realized that she liked raspberries and ate some that she pulled off the bush.

We absolutley loved our entire vacation and are thankful to all those who let us stay with them or fed us while we were there. It was so great to see everyone and we hope it isn't too long before we see them again!

Sadie at her cousin's house trying out the water slide.

We think she liked it!

THis is at a museum we went to after we visited the beach. It was so neat because it had little (fake) tide pools with sea stars and all kinds of living sea creatures in them. The best part was...we could touch them! It was pretty cool to see Sadie get excited or grossed out when she touched the sea anemone. Way fun!

This was my favorite tide pool. There were sea stars of all colors!

This is at the beach. It was pretty cold and very foggy and Sadie looks dead hanging there in Rob's arms. She was just looking down at the water as the tide came in.

On our way to clean off the kids and go to lunch.

This was the only picture that I got of all of the cousins (minus Thea) together. I wish I had thought to get a good picture of their whole family together. Oh well. Next time.

On our way back to La Grande, we stopped at Multonoma Falls. It was well worth the stopp to stretch our legs and look at this cool waterfall. The mist was nice and Sadie loved it. As we were walking up to a bridge to get a better view of the falls, Sadie would wave and say hi to everybody that we passed on the trail. It is so funny to see different people's reactions. Some just pretend that they don't see her, others just laugh and others say hi back. Sadie is definitely very social!

This was as we were getting ready to leave when she finally decided to try a raspberry. First you pick it...

Then you EAT it! She loved them and ate a lot on the drive home.

Definitely a lot better tasting than the dirt she ate before.

And finally it was time to go back home to Springville. we were sad to go, but happy to get back home to our house and garden. Just in time to harvest some tomatoes! Hooray for being home!


Chuck and Stacie said...

Your trip looks like it was so much fun and I love your haircut!

Grandma & Grandpa K said...

We miss you already. come and visit again anytime.

Katie said...

Haha. I love your pictures and description of the Oregon coast. So typical! I think I can remember only a handful of times when I went to the beach growing up and it was actually warm enough to take off my sweatshirt. And I'm glad you got to go to Mo's and that you actually ordered their famous clam chowder. It's so yummy after a cold day at the beach. Oh, Oregon! I'm glad you had a fun trip!

Bethany said...

You've made me miss Oregon. I can't count how many times I've been to Multnomah Falls. Good times.