Monday, July 27, 2009

Oregon- Part 1

Today I picked some fresh tomatoes. Our first one of the season! We are so excited. We've got like 6 plants and a few of them only have smaller tomatoes on it and one of them is cherry tomatoes I think. There are tons of little tiny tomatoes on it ready to turn red and be eaten by us! Yumm.


Our trip to Oregon was very very good. We loved every minute of it. It was so nice to just relax and visit with the family. Rob had his 10 year high school reunion which is the main reason we went. It was fun to meet all of the people that he had been telling me stories about. Rob is very social and of course wanted to talk to everyone. I enjoyed listening to everyone's stories.

So this post is about our first few days in La Grande and tomorrow I will post pictures of our trip to visit Rob's brother Ben and our trip to the coast. For now...Here are pictures from our first few days with Rob't mom and dad and family.

Sadie was such a trooper in the car. I think our total driving time on this vacation was around 31 hours or so. That is including our trip to Corvallis and the coast too. She was just a joy in the backseat. She mostly played with a spraybottle that we brought and read books.

She just loved it when Daddy would wave to her in the rear view mirror. She would laugh and smile and Wave right back to him. It was cute!

Right after we got there, Grandma Kevan whipped out this cute hat that she got for Sadie from her friend who makes flowers out of fabric. It is super cute and she even got a flower for me so Sadie and I can be matching! Her friend's etsy shop is here if you want to take a look.

The next morning we had a photographer in La Grande take some family pictures. We love how they turned out. This was right after our session on the playground at riverside park. It is seriously the coolest park ever. It has so many playground toys and separate areas for big and little kids. And...there is a RIVER! Sadie just loved it there.

Something else she loved was her uncle Andrew. They had fun times together.

Grandma Kevan found this nice tub for Sadie to use as a pool at a garage sale. We were quite the pair at those garage sales. She found lots of stuff for her costume shop and I found some nice wooden puzzles and books for Sadie. Yay for garage sales!

She had a blast playing in the backyard. The trampoline and the water were her favorite things...put them together and what do you get?? A happy Sadie!

Sadie and Uncle Andrew played dress up.

This was the only picture we got at Rob's reunion. HAH! Sadie totally fell asleep in my arms! This was at the park for a barbeque, and she fell asleep about 20 minutes after we got there. So I found a spot away from the big crowds and just held her until she woke up. Which was about an hour!

On our way to Corvallis, we stopped at a fish hatchery where we could look at and feed the fish. It was really fun and of course Sadie loved it because she was surrounded by water! I think her favorite part was this fountain. She kept wanting to go back to it. It was hard to tear her away.

After we fed the fish, Sadie tried to go for a swim with them...

Luckliy Daddy was there to stop her. :)

I just realized that these are all pictures of just Sadie. I think we took more family pictures in you can see those ones tomorrow.


Lindsay said...

:) welcome back! And 31 hours in the car...what a trooper. I would definitely be grumpy!

Chad and Bekah said...

What a cute little girl she is becoming! (That was to say that she is growing up, not that she hasn't always been cute...because she's always been freakin' adorable). Looks like a fun trip so far!

Carrie Selin said...

In the picture with Sadie wearing the crocheted hat - is that huge lizard on the floor real? YIKES!