Sunday, April 3, 2016

Around the house

I love when I walk into a room and find things like this.  I little Hello Kitty all tucked in for bed with a little bottle.  It always makes me smile.

Here are all of the kids coloring one day after school.  :)

Emery and Riley love playing with these fabric letters I made forever ago.  I need to make some more letters so they can spell all of the people in the our family at the same time.  Right now, we improvise a little bit.

Poor Emery was sick a few weeks ago.  She slept a lot just right in the middle of the floor.  

Kinetic sand is always a good activity.

Riley is sometimes really snuggly...this time, she is using Zac.

I think this is when Emery was asleep when she was sick.  Riley just snuggled up right next to her and gave me a huge smile. 

One morning Riley woke up around 5am.  I brought her out to the couch and she started screaming about who knows what. (Well, in hindsight, it was probably because she had an ear infection...)  I tried to hold her and calm her down but she just arched her back and tried to get away.  So I let her scream and kick on the floor.  After about 10 minutes, she fell asleep.  ha ha.  

Snuggly sisters and a sad Zac.  I believe this was about the time he got an ear infection too. 

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Carrie Selin said...

It's good to document the day to day good times.Love those kids.