Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our New Table

 At the beginning of 2015, I made a goal to learn some woodworking skills.  Mostly because I had found the website:  I could spend a long time just looking at all of the projects on there.  My ultimate goal was the eventually make us a dining table.  Now a year and almost half later, I accomplished my goal!  I built a table for us.  And it doesn't wobble!  It's amazing!  I started by building a bench (in Utah...not very smart.  My hands were always freezing!)  and then I moved on to the table. 

I got the wood while my mom was in town with their truck. At Home Depot, we tried to find the straightest boards.  It was hard and the workers there gave us a hard time about it.  ha ha.  But I'm glad we went through all the trouble because it turned out better than I thought it would!

 This is the pile of wood I started with.  Hard to believe it will turn into a table.

 This is my kreg jig.  I love it.  It makes building so much easier and faster!

 These are the legs all ready to be notched out.  This was one of the most time consuming parts of the project.

 Ta-Dah!  The base is done!  It's actually a little bit crooked, but not too noticeable.

 The top all screwed together. I was a little bit worried because it curves up a little bit, but it straightened out when I added the pieces on the end.

 All ready for more sanding and stain and paint.

 THIS was definitely the most time consuming part.  Waiting for paint and polyurethane to dry between coats.  And only being able to work on it during nap times and evenings, it took a little over a week to finish this part.  

 Then we moved it inside and I screwed the top to the bottom!  Rob had to lay on top of it because we didn't have clamps big enough to hold it together.  

 Thanks to Sadie for taking these pictures.  ha ha.  And Zac helped too...and Riley handed me some screws.  Emery did a great job watching.  :) 

 Now I just have to decide if I want to build another bench or get some new chairs.  We have been using our free old church metal chairs for the past 8 and a half years.  ha ha. 


Marcy and Isaac said...

I love it!

lindsy said...


Laurel and Doug said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this post. It looks beautiful, Lindsey! I love it and am so impressed you made it. My favorite picture is the one of Rob being the human clamp. Classic. ;)

Janet C said...

Nice work! love her site too. : )

Marissa said...

I love it!! Seeing you complete that (with no prior experience that I'm aware of) is really inspiring! I bet it makes you happy every time you sit down to eat!