Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spring Soccer

 Zac started spring soccer last week.  THe only problem is he has games on Saturdays and Wednesday evenings.  Wednesday, Rob teaches a neighborhood kung fu class and then has to go straight to young mens at the church.  So I'm alone with the kids at the field.  Mostly it is ok, but Riley is at the stage where she just loves to wait until I'm not looking and run onto the field!  Doh!  OH well...I think I did a good job running out to get her just in time before the ball came our way.  ha ha. 
 I didn't get many pictures of Zac playing because I was keeping my eye on Riley, but he almost scored a goal at the very beginning of the game and then he scored the game winning goal in the fourth quarter.  It was great!

 These three kept busy rolling around in the grass and chasing a tiny dog that was near us.

 Zac biting his nails.  ha ha.

My cute girls!

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