Monday, April 4, 2016

Dance class with William

 Emery started dance class in January.  It is so cute.  She loves it so much!  Anyway, one Tuesday when Emery had dance class, we got to watch William.  So he came with us.  But first, we listened to music on the computer

 Him and Emery stood there listening and holding hands for about 5 whole minutes.  It was cute.   

Then when it was time to go to dance class, I went outside to this:

 This picture doesn't do it justice.  THere was so much snow falling from the sky.  The snowflakes were big and fluffy too.

 Of course, we had to check it out a little bit before we got in the car.

 And this is how I keep two one and a half year olds busy during a 45 minute dance class.  Fruit snacks!!  And pretzels, and crackers, and goldfish, and get the picture.  ha ha

 Riley was so sweet to share the pretzels with William...and he was happy to eat them out of her hand!  ha ha