Saturday, April 16, 2016


 A month or so ago, the kids were all very well behaved one day.  They usually are, but this particular day the kids spent the ENTIRE day playing so well together.  I was feeling like a reward was in order so we decided to try out a ice cream place nearby called Leatherby's.  We were totally unprepared for this place.  The servings were huge and the waiter did not warn us.  ha ha.  So we went home with some boxes full of ice cream.  :) Next time we will be more prepared. 

 Rob and Zac (and Riley) shared this HUGE sundae.  There were three massive scoops with toppings galore. When they were full of ice cream, it looked like they had only taken about 3 bites, when in reality, they ate a lot of it.  There was just so much left.  We brought it home and enjoyed it for the next few days.  :)

Rob ordered Emery a strawberry shake.  He asked for a kid size.  When they brought it out he said "no I asked for the kiddie size..." and the waiter just said "that's our small." A little warning would have been nice.  ha ha.  Oh well.  

Sadie got a single scoop sundae.  That was the perfect size.  She still didn't eat it all, but most of it. 

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