Monday, April 25, 2016

New slip and slide

 We got a new slip and slide since the one we had last year was broken.  We opened it up and put it together and it was BROKEN!!  So annoying.  But it still mostly worked so we just kept it and let the kids play on it.  The loved it.  Of course, as I type this, the weather is kinda gloomy and rainy outside.  ha ha.  Hopefully the warm weather comes back soon!  :)

 And what is warm weather without a popsicle!?

 Riley loved the slip and slide and fell pretty hard a few times.  Then she started to be really careful on it.  ha ha

 Rob had to put his foot on that part so that the water had enough pressure to actually spray out.  

 Sadie and Zac have perfected the stomach slide.

 These two are so funny.  They were playing outside and it started raining so they made a little shelter.  ha ha

 The kids love playing in water.  

And riley is always just in her clothes!  ha ha

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