Monday, June 12, 2017

Crazy weather

 One day we are outside playing on the slip and slide...

 And a few days later, the girls are enjoying playing in the snow!  This is the middle of MAY!  ha ha. 

 They were happy about it.  I hadn't quite put the snow clothes away yet thankfully.

 This was the girls at wasn't snowing, but it was so cold and WINDY!

We usually plant our garden at the end of April or beginning of May.  This year I convinced Rob we were supposed to wait until after Mother's day to plant out garden.  We held off until the day before Mother's day.  We planted our garden that Saturday and then on the Monday after I bought flowers and planted them.  Two mornings later we woke up to this:

 SNOW!  I went outside at like 6:30 am to try to dig the snow off of the newly planted flowers and shake off the peach tree.  Ha ha.  Zac helped me and we both got covered in freezing cold snow.  I had literally put the snow coats and clothes down in the basement the day before this happened. 

 My beautiful flower survived mostly.  There were like 2 plants that didn't make it though.  

 And our green beans and cucumbers haven't fully recovered from this yet.  sigh.  I guess next year we will watch the weather better before we plant the garden.

These kids had a blast playing in the snow one last time for the year.  :)