Friday, June 30, 2017

Grandma and Grandpa Selin visit

 My parents came to visit a few weeks ago.  It is always so nice to have them around.  :)  My mom helped (pretty much did it herself!) paint a couple bedrooms, my dad helped make our air conditioning cold in our van again and we just enjoyed spending time together.  We are always sad when they have to go home. 

 Grandma gave Riley her first haircut.

 This is the kids while we were at Zuppas.  Aren't they so cute!! (this wasn't when my parents were here...I don't know what it is doing on this post.  ha ha)


 The kids got to do their very first mystery box.  There were some glitches- but it was a fun time.

 Riley was really into as you can see.

 We finally made it to our destination...snow cones!!

 Yummy.  One of my favorite summer treats!

 We discovered the Utah Truffles outlet store.  It's just minutes from our house, and you can see them making the chocolates, and they give you a free sample when you walk in.  WIN!

 Watching Zac's last soccer game.  

He got a medal that was as big as his face.  We love watching Zac play soccer.

 WE had a good visit with great grandma and grandpa Selin.  They are great!

Then we went over to a bird migration area.  I can't remember what it was called, but it was pretty cool.  We saw lots of different birds including baby birds, and we saw a frog at the end!

 Grandma was smart and grabbed the binoculars to take with us.  The kids loved it.  Basically you walk around a boardwalk and there is a tower and there are signs with facts about different birds all around.  The kids did great until the very end when Riley had a meltdown. 

 Zac loved the binoculars, and here is Emery helping Riley down the stairs.

 There were a lot of bird nests under here.  It was fun to count them.  

 The girls liked to peek between the cracks because we heard water running under there.  

 Riley just loves all of her siblings.  And it is fun now that Sadie can give her piggy back rides.

 So cute!

Grandma always has fun projects for the kids to do.  Here they are making lip gloss.  

As always it was a great visit and we wish they could have stayed longer.  Can't wait to see them again in August!

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