Saturday, June 24, 2017

Emery's "graduation" from "preschool"

This first picture is one Emery took with my phone of her little beenie babies.  My kids love these things!

This is Foxie and Elephant.  McDonnalds was (or maybe they still are) giving out these little teenie ty's in their happy meals.

So this year we heard about a program called Upstart.  It is an online preschool that is free and it is only for kids who are going into kindergarten in the next year.  It was such a great program.  You have to commit to doing it every day for at least 15 minutes.  At first Emery loved it, but as she progressed and the curriculum got a little more challenging, it was harder to get her to do her preschool every day.  She did really well and it had fun songs that she still sings. 

Well they had a "graduation" for her, which was basically just a little test that they gave her to see how much she learned.  But then they announced her name and gave her a little graduation hat.  It was pretty fun.  I will definitely be doing this with Riley in a couple years!

Emery with Rusty and Rosie, who were on her preschool activities.

The other kids didn't want to be left out!

I'm proud of Emery for finishing this program.  She is so ready for Kindergarten.  She asks all the time when she gets to go to school.  :)

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