Monday, June 12, 2017

We love warm weather!

 We love it when the weather warms up.  That means lots of walks to the park, lots of otter pops, lots of playing outside!  We love it! 

 We usually don't walk to the park this way, but this day the girls were excited to hold the flag up as we crossed the street.  

 There were a bunch of fairies on display at Gardner Village a few weeks ago.  We checked them out with some friends.  

 Emery and Riley are good buddies when it is just the two of them here. And Emery loves to pick leaves from plants and make soups and stews and food and nests.  This day she wanted to have some leaf ears.  :)

 We decided to eat our lunch on the brand new deck one day.  It was fun.  And these girls are cute.

 It was a lovely little picnic.

 Riley modeling her new swimming suit.  

 We don't have a ton of play stuff in the backyard, but we do have these two little swingset frames.  One of them has swings and a seesaw, but the other is just the frame.  The kids spend hours on these just climbing and hanging upside down.  


 This is the day we planted all of the flowers.  I waited until the kids got home from school so they could help.  Then they did nothing but whine the whole time.  Oh well...things don't always work out exactly how I think they will.  ha ha.

 Sadie and her friend London walking to the park.  I made them matching shirts and they love it.  Now they say i just need to make one for the rest of their friends...

 These three make me laugh. 

And we love when we can pull the slip and slide out! 

 Riley is even getting into it this year!

 Zac was having bad allergies so he sat with his friend Kylan on the deck for a while.

Here are a few more action shots.  Enjoy!

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Laurel said...

Your kids whine?! That makes me feel a tiny bit better... ;)