Monday, June 26, 2017


 I love when they put the flags up at the park near our house every year.  They go up around the beginning of June, and come down after flag day.  I had the kids count the flags so we could multiply them and figure out how many there were...and there were over 1000 flags!  It's a pretty amazing sight to see that many flags all in the same place blowing in the wind.

 We talked about our freedom and what the flag represents.  My mom was even there with us.  Bonus!

 Then we read the signs that were around because they put the flags up to raise awareness for child abuse.  We read the statistics and I am so grateful for how I was raised.  

 So many flags.

We even went back a week or so later to have a picnic on actual flag day.  It was a fun time.  I'm so grateful to live in this country and I'm grateful for the people who fight for our rights and freedoms. 

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