Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Swimming lessons

These kids did great in swimming lessons a couple weeks ago.  Zac was really worried about it because he is the one with a fear of the water.  But he got lucky and got a boy teacher (usually they are girls!) that he really liked.  All the kids passed their levels (which doesn't happen often!) and Zac was sad he passed because he wanted to stay with his teacher.  ha ha.  But we probably won't be able to do swimming lessons again this summer so hopefully we will luck out with a good teacher for Zac next summer.  The kids really did improve a lot in the two weeks they were in lessons.  

Right outside the swimming pool there was a cool workout park.  They all use your own body weight as resistance.  If it wasn't so hot the weeks we went to swimming, we would have gone here every day.  But the equipment was so burning hot!  I totally wish we had one of these at the park near us.  I would use it!


Carrie Selin said...

Ohh, take us here when we come. I'd love to see and try it. Sounds unique and fun.

Laurel said...

That park is awesome! In Belgium we saw a park like that; I thought it was genius!