Monday, July 10, 2017

4th of July Parade

 On the 4th of July, we stuck with tradition and went over to the parade.  We were debating because it has been really hot here (in the 100s) for like a week.  And the day before, we had bought a trampoline so we were outside all day putting that together.  It would have taken a lot less time (like hours less) if we had discovered the trick to attaching the springs earlier.  We discovered the trick when we had 14 springs left...out of 150.  ha ha.  Oh well.  So we were wanting to stay in our nice cool house that morning, but we decided to go anyway.  We actually found a nice shady spot to wait for the parade, and I actually just watched the parade from the shade the whole time.  :)  That's the way to do it.  The kids wandered up closer to catch some candy, but after two little ziploc bags full I told them that was enough candy, so they came and hung out with me in the shade. 

Rob was fun and brought some balls to kick and play catch with and he also brought a tennis ball that he attached to a rope that he uses at Kung Fu.  They had fun with that while we waited for the parade to start. 

It was a tight squeeze, but we got the trampoline to fit in the van with all of us inside.  :)

 For breakfast we had red, white and blue pancakes.  With red white and blue fruit,  well, whipped cream was the white.  

 They were really yummy.


 Then after morning jobs were done the kids went straight out to the trampoline.  They jump all day...everyday.  It's awesome.  They love it so much.  Rob was worried about his weight on the tramp, so he laid down to spread it out.  

 Cute kids ready for the parade. 

 Playing.  While I sat.  In a comfy chair.  :)

 Riley kept me company while we waited.  This girl is always eating something.  ha ha

 So the game works like this.  Someone swings the ball around and around and the person in front of the line tries to run through without getting hit by the ball.  Some other kid joined in the fun.  He kept getting hit by the ball.  ha ha.

 Zac was the king of ducking out of the way so he didn't get hit.  

 Sitting in the shade was so fact, I barely ventured out into the sun at all. 

 Sadie brought her spirograph.  These two can be good friends sometimes...

 Playing catch to pass the time.

 And I love Zac's catching face.  ha ha

 They passed out flags for everyone to hold and wave.  

 Riley and I were buddies.  She would go back and forth between the shade and the parade.  She's such a cutie.

And just to document how hot it was...Yes I know.  This is nothing to you Arizona natives, but it isn't usually this hot here for such long stretches.  But I will definitely take 102 over 118 any day!

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