Sunday, July 2, 2017

Last day of school...three weeks later

 Last day of school!  I can't believe these two are going to be in 2nd and 4th grade next year!  ANd Emery will be in Kindergarten!  ACK!  Time needs to slow down. 

 Before school...they had field day and Zac chose to wear long sleeves and pants.  Ha ha.  But he got 2nd place in the long jump.  So I guess being hot didn't slow him down.

A few days before the last day of school Zac and Sadie both had individual class the same different places.  Good thing my mom was still in town so she could go watch Sadie while I went to see Zac.  This same thing happened last year.  Hopefully next year they are at different times.

 My mom said that Sadie got like every award that was possible to get.  :)  She is such a good student and has lots of friends in her classes.  I love how she laid out all of her awards in a row next to her.  The medal was for the fun run...where she got 2nd place out of all of the girls in her grade.  Great Job Sadie!

 Zac also got a lot of awards.  He is also a great student and learns things quickly.  His teacher Ms. Fynbo was a brand new teacher this year.  This was her first year teaching and I really liked her.  She was great.  Zac also got 2nd place out of all the kids in his grade in the fun run...which shocked me because, well, it just shocked me.  ha ha.  The morning of the fun run his entire face was swollen because he had allergies really really bad the night before.  So I wasn't expecting him to run the whole mile, but he did.  I was so proud of him!

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Laurel said...

Wow, go Sadie and Zac! Speedy little runners.