Monday, July 31, 2017

We love to be Outside

 I decided to be brave and bring the kids to the outdoor pool just down the road from us on my own one afternoon.  It was stressful, and I kinda felt like I was trying to herd cats, but we all survived and it was pretty fun.  :)

 These kids are so fun!

 And is there anything cuter than kids in goggles?  I think not!

 Except maybe kids in sunglasses.  ha ha.

We spend a lot of time in our backyard.  It's so great because I sit on the deck in the shade and watch the kids play.  Sometimes I even turn the water misters on to keep cool.  It's a great set up.  :)

 Here we are hanging out on the deck.  This is what I get when I ask for a picture.  Ha ha.  I love it!
 Most activities involve water.  I do so much more laundry in the summer because they go through 2 or 3 outfits a day!

 I went inside to use the bathroom and came outside to this.  Rob was letting Zac cut a board with our new hatchet.  Don't time I will make him wear shoes!

We got a trampoline!  And we got it to fit in the van with all the kids inside.  It took forever to put together because Rob and I were connecting the springs the wrong way...luckily we figured out the right way for the last 14 springs...out of like 150.  Ha ha. 

 The kids have been loving it and spending a ton of time on it.  I'd say it was a great purchase!

 They love putting water balloons on it.  

We've been trying to keep up on's never ending and I'm afraid we might be losing our battle.  So many weeds!  

We also love spending time at new parks with friends.  It's so fun.  The kids last so much longer at parks when friends are there. 

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Those shirts are SO cute!