Sunday, July 30, 2017

Silver Lake

 A few weeks ago we ventured up into the mountains and hiked around Silver lake.  Well, I guess I shouldn't use the word hike.  It's a walk really.  But it is always really pretty and lots of fun.  We love it there.
 Plus, it was like 70 degrees up there instead of 95 down in the valley.  So that was a plus.  

 And an extra bonus, two moose came out of the bushes right in front of us!  It was amazing to see.  We backed away because we didn't want them to charge at us or anything, but we just watched them for a good 5 minutes until they wandered off.  It was awesome.

 The picture makes it look like they were pretty far away, but they were really close!

 Our friends had told us that they see moose EVERY time they go up there...I think that might be an exaggeration, but I'm glad we were finally able to see some.  

 Rob and the kids on a fallen log.  

 It's a good thing Rob was with us because otherwise I would have told the kids no when they asked to climb up this rock.  Yikes.  But they all made it safely.

 If you look closely, you can see Zac and Sadie's heads sticking out above the rocks at the top. 

 There were lots of people out on the lake and fishing that night.  

 We also saw lots of squirrel/chipmunk things.  I'm not sure what they were exactly.  But they were not afraid to come close. 

 Sadie took a picture of Rob and me.

 Then Riley had a potty emergency when we were at the furthest point away from the bathroom. (It's a big loop)  so Rob had to run her back to the bathroom.  Zac decided to go with them so Sadie and Emery and I hung out.

 A nice lady took our picture for us.  :) Riley wasn't too happy because she wanted to be sitting down in the picture.  

And then all the kids requested an individual picture.  

 I have some good looking kids!

 We found a picnic table that was empty and sat down while Rob when and grabbed our lunch for us.  The entire time he was gone, we were swatting mosquitoes so when he got back he requested we eat in the car.  We didn't put bug spray on and the mosquitoes really like to eat him.  So we ate in the car.  

It was a really fun evening and the kids went to bed late that night.  :)

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