Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Finding new parks

Since we have a huge park right near our house, we haven't really explored any other parks around our house.  So this summer, we have been trying out some new ones and it has been really fun.  The kids love the new parks we have found. 

Zac climbed to the top of this rope sculpture thing.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It is really tall.  I'm amazed at how brave my kids are.  

Riley loved this little tractor to climb on.  It also had actual sand around it for the kids to dig and play in.  Most playgrounds have just wood chips so they love when we find sand.

This park also had this cool thing where you hold one like Zac and then I can spin him around until he goes upside down.  They were very cautious at first, but now they love it.  

Emery didn't want to go all the way upside down, but she got pretty close.

There is also a tractor thing that Sadie got the hang of using.  

And she was the one who loved this thing the most...but she was probably also the most scared to try it.  ha ha.

Here is another park we found.  Thanks to a friend for telling us where it's kind of hidden. When we got here the first time, there were about 3 daycares there.  It was crowded.  But after about an hour or so they all cleared out and we had the park to ourselves. It was nice.

Sadie climbed to the top of the rope sculpture at this park.  And there was a really tall tube slide that the kids loved.  Riley was really nervous about going down any of the slides.  Zac was really patient with her and finally convinced her to go down.  Then there was no stopping her. 

And the kids love hanging upside down.

Emery had a turn climbing to the top.  So brave.

Then of course we had to visit the splash pad.  There is a new one we haven't tried out yet, but we are waiting for the crowds to die down.  It's brand new.  But our favorite one from last year works just fine.

This is the Sierra Newbold Park and splashpad.  We love it. 

I even wore my swimming suit this time and ran through with the kids.  It was a hot day so it felt really nice.

Love that these kids mostly stay together and play together.  

Then after they are done in the water, we head to the park to play.  

Spider Riley.

This swing thing is so fun.  

Hopefully we can discover even more parks around us to play at.  I love the summer time!

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