Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Do you want to build a snowman?

We haven't seen the new movie Frozen yet, but we have listened to the music on YouTube.  We love the songs, especially the one called "Do you want to build a snowman?"  So naturally, when it snowed recently, we just had to build a snowman.  Usually the kids don't make it to the end of building a snowman, but this time the snow was perfect consistency and we made a small snowman, so they helped until the end.  It didn't last long because the weather was pretty warm the few days after we built him, but it was fun. 

 Winter wonderland.

 Emery loved this little snowman!

 Putting the finishing touches on.

 Say Cheese!

 Funny face.

 Then Zac decided to give the snowman his gloves.  :)

 Now he is done.  Zac was so proud!

Then we saw the garbage truck.  We love that thing!
 Then the kids decided to have races down and up the driveway.  I thought it was funny because Zac's hat would fly in the air.  

It's like he has wings.  :)

It was a fun time.  We haven't had too much snow this year...I'm hoping we get a few more storms so we can take the kids sledding.   Of course the last three snowstorms have been on days when I have Dr. appointments so I have had to drive around town and deal with the traffic.  I would rather just not drive anywhere and take the kids outside to play!  Although if the snow storm is waiting until my next appointment, we should get a storm on March 10.  :)

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Carrie Selin said...

Loved your post! About Frozen, we might go see it tomorrow. But as I was looking at where it is showing and at what times I noticed a morning showing listed as a Sing-A-Long. So check that out - maybe you guys can find one there. Obviously you already like and know the music so that should be loads of fun.