Friday, February 14, 2014

Sadie's birthday

 Sadie's birthday was yesterday.  She turned six years old.  I can't believe it has been six years since she was born!  We had a really fun day that started with this:
 She got to run through these streamers when she woke up.  

 Then the kids decided I didn't have enough decorations up so Zac put these streamers up all by himself.  Well, I gave him the tape when he needed it.  He was pretty excited to show Sadie when she got home.  :)

 While Sadie was at school, I frosted her heart cake.  Then I made the mistake of leaving the stool over by where I stashed the cake...

 I caught her before she made too much damage.  

In the evening, Rob's brothers and sister and their spouses came over to help us celebrate.  It is always tons of fun and laughing when they all come over.  Here is what we had for dinner.

 Well, not this, but this was my favorite part.  Chocolate covered raspberries!  So yummy.  I am already dreaming of the next time I make these. 

 And sub sandwiches.  Yum.  I always forget how yummy good homemade sub sandwiches can be. 

 Then it was time for presents.  Crys and Alan got her these cute dresses and when we told her to hold them up so we could see this is what she did.  ha ha.  We eventually got her to open them up and show them to us.  And Emery was more than happy to model them for us!  Really cute.

Sadie wore this one to school today because it was perfectly pink for Valentine's day.  :)  But it looks equally cute on Emery here.  

Sorry, these are not in order...after school, it was raining, but that didn't stop Sadie from going outside and drawing a rocket, the sun and some planets.  And she even drew an alien in his spaceship.  

 Sadie's friend Halle came over to help celebrate and open gifts.  I love how they posed together with everything that she got.  This is a lego set that we spent an hour putting together this morning.  I think she likes it.  

 And of course some sticker books.

 Then we decided to get a family shot. This is hilarious.  Rob doesn't know how to do the timer.  Ha ha.  I love him!

 This is the only picture we took with the timer and amazingly everyone is looking at the camera and everyone looks cute!  

 Time for cake and ice cream.  She blew all of the candles out in one breath i think...not sure though.

I think she had a great day.  This was her birthday hat from school.  

Sadie is such a good helper.  She is a peacemaker and tries to help Emery and Zac work things out when they aren't getting along.  She loves it when Emery will let Sadie help her with something.  The other night, we put the kids down to bed and thought they were fast asleep.  Then Sadie and Emery both came out saying they had to go to the bathroom.  This was an hour and a half after we put them down!!  I asked her why they were still awake and Sadie said she helped Emery into her bed and they were laying down together just talking and stuff.  Ha ha.  Silly girls. Sadie loves to learn new things and loves being in school.  We love you Sadie!!!!

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What a party. and what great pictures. I haven't been checking in on the blogs like I should. MIssed alot.......