Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kids getting along

 I love it when the kids get along.  They like to play together most of the time which is really nice. It is fun seeing what their little minds think up. 

  I don't remember what they are doing here...but I remember they sat here laughing for about 20 whole minutes.  

 They like to make themselves beds and lay on the floor.  The especially like to treat Emery like a baby and tuck her in.  Emery loves the attention.  Sadie's bed doesn't look too comfortable here.

 Sadie can talk Zac into lots of things.  ha ha  Here she talked him into dragging her all over the tile.  He happily obliged.

 Fishing.  This kept the kids occupied for a long time.  They even came up with the idea to tie a refrigerator magnet to a string for their fishing pole.

Emery and Zac sharing a tray at snack time. And Sadie was doing something...not sure what.

Some days the kids do NOT get along this well.  But it sure is nice when they decide they are best friends.

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lindsy said...

Man, those guys are cute :) Wish we lived closer to cousins!